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If your deciding to take a flight in or out of Luton Airport and so not fancy the hassle of commercial airlines then look no further. We at Charter-a, we  work with your exact requirements to ensure you get what you want. At Charter-a we are very proactive in any given situation, so if you need a private jet at short notice then we will have every angle coveredorry. We work fast and around the clock to make sure once you have booked the flight we have all the information pre-flight sent directly to you to give you peace of mind that everything has been taken care of for you, by us.

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We are an established company that has been around the aviation industry for a while and if anyone knows what to do when chartering a flight, we do. We at Charter-a ensure the private jets we provide are maintained to the highest standard and comply with all of the CAA’s requirements. We do not and will not facilitate in illegal charters, we ensure all due diligence is done on crew, aircraft and insurance documents prior to any flight booked with us

Popular destinations for private jet hire from Luton Airport is a short hop to Paris, Le Bourget, Nice, Cannes for festival events such as the Grand Prix and Cannes Festival. Other popular locations for business is Geneva, Zurich, Glasgow and Milan. Not forgetting Spain as a short break or holiday vacation such as Malaga, Palma, Ibiza and Tenerife. For very short hopsin and around the UK is Jersey, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Newcastle - so wherever you need to get to we can help. Even helicopter charter to the London Heliport at Battersea

We treat your pets as VIP passengers to, allowing them to relax.

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Private jet travel allows you to reflect, relax and prepare you for business

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